Discovering Bravery: Beyond the Stars

By Emma Brade, Illustrated by Niamh Sharkey

A short story taken from the Fighting Words charity collection, BEYOND THE STARS, written and illustrated by two of the most outstanding talents in children’s fiction today

When Fleece, one of the foot soldiers of the valiant Hibernian Army, whose cowardice is a constant source of guilt, is sent to battle the demons of the Fomorian Empire, he becomes the accidental Hero of Drumree.

But Fleece’s weapons have always been words, not swords, and his newfound status leaves him with an unexpected feeling, presenting him the most difficult decision of his life – revealing to him the true meaning of bravery.

Author: Emma Brade
Format: Digital download
Ageband: 9 to 13
Release Date: 09 Oct 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-811559-3

”'Fighting Words is not state funded, and our existence is dependent on people who believe passionately in what we do - like the writers and illustrators of these brilliant stories. We are especially grateful to a great friend of Fighting Words, Sarah Webb, the creative and driving force behind this wonderful collection.” - Roddy Doyle