Jason Hightman

Jason Hightman, author of The Saint of Dragons, lives in California with his wife and three year old daughter – who also happens to be a genius and the centre of the universe! Genius obviously runs in the family – Jason had the idea for The Saint of Dragons when he was only 17.

Whilst studying for a BA in Film Production from the University of South California, Jason co-founded and represented the university’s Undergraduate Committee for Diversity. During this time, he campaigned to recruit students from minority and underprivileged backgrounds, whilst winning numerous student film awards, before graduating in 1993.

In 2003 Jason’s short film, Delusion, swept the board at the New York Independent Film and Video Festival, garnering awards for Best in Show, Best Director, Best Writing and Best Cinematography. Unsurprisingly given those credentials, he has been earning his keep for the last 5 years as a professional screenwriter.

Part pure fantasy, The Saint of Dragons is also Jason’s personal response to the events of 9/11 and the impact of global terrorism. An idea that first germinated when he was a teenager grew into a fully realised novel as Jason explored the idea of a hidden, diffuse evil permeating the world. The disguised dragons Simon St George is called upon to fight have the timelessness of myth but are just as much a modern allegory – reflecting Jason’s belief that “myth and story provide a powerful way to take control of events beyond your control.”

The world of The Saint of Dragons is one where dragons lurk behind normal faces; crucially, it is also one where dragons can be killed. (Can even, sometimes, be good.) Jason hopes that glimmer of hope might “help children – and any readers – make sense of the darkness that surrounds them.” A reassuring message in these unsettled times…

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