Brambly Hedge - A Year in Brambly Hedge (Brambly Hedge): Unabridged edition

By Jill Barklem, Read by John Moffatt

The mice of Brambly Hedge have been delighting adults and children alike for more than forty years. This delightful collection contains the first four classic picture books.

The mice of Brambly Hedge have many adventures but they always have time for fun too. All through the year, they mark the seasons with feasts and festivities and, of course, the mice never miss an opportunity to meet and celebrate.

This collection contains four classic stories following their adventures throughout the year.

In Winter Story a heavy snowfall means the mice can hold a Snow Ball for the first time in years. In Autumn Story Primrose makes friends with the harvest mice before losing her way in the chestnut woods. Wilfred gets a birthday surprise in Spring Story, when all the mice club together to organise a fantastic picnic for him; and in Summer Story, Poppy Eyebright and Dusty Dogwood get engaged and a wonderful wedding is planned by all the mice of Brambly Hedge.

Contains: Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story, Winter Story.

Format: Digital Audiobook
Ageband: from 3
Release Date: 30 Jul 2020
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-841349-1
Detailed Edition: Unabridged edition
Jill Barklem was drawn to the natural world ever since childhood. While training as an illustrator at St Martin’s School of Art, her long journeys to college gave her time to escape into the imaginary world of a colony of mice, later to be developed as the delightful miniature world of Brambly Hedge. Jill passed away in 2017 but her legacy lives on in these enchanting tales.

”'…the most researched-crammed fantasy ever set before small children…” - Sunday Times Magazine

”'Spring Story, Summer Story, Autumn Story and Winter Story are beautiful tales…nostalgic Mums can enjoy them with their own kids.” - The Sun (Natasha Harding

”'Incredible illustrations…” - @father_of_daughters, Instagram

”'If I [were] a mouse, this is where I’d wanna live” - @britneyspears, Instagram