The Sleepover Club - Best Friends! (The Sleepover Club)

By Rose Impey

The hugely popular Sleepover Club series is back with a brand new story and a gorgeous new look. Meet Frankie, Kenny, Fliss, Rosie and Lyndz – five best friends who just want to have fun!

In this new introductory story from series originator Rose Impey the five girls have their first ever sleepover together and become the best of friends. When their school rivals, the horrible M&Ms, steal their club mascot, the girls are determined to get revenge…

As well as a great story this book tells you how to have your own brilliant sleepover party – with a list of things to bring, food to eat and games to play, you and your friends are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Author: Rose Impey
Format: Digital download
Ageband: 7 to 9
Release Date: 04 Sep 2008
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-729073-4
Rose Impey has always shared her passion for stories with children: as a teacher she read extensively to her classes and later, as a parent, she began to make up her own stories for her two daughters. She is now a popular and well-known author of over 100 books for children of all ages including the TitchyWitch series, Colour Crackers and a number of novels such as My Scary Fairy Godmother. She is the creator of the very successful Sleepover Club series.