Bing’s Playtime: A fun-packed activity book

By HarperCollins Children’s Books

Keep little ones occupied through the summer holidays with this fantastic sticker book all about Bing and his friends!

Join Bing as he makes a playhouse, takes a bus to the beach, puts on a puppet show, goes camping and plays superheroes with Sula. Find the right stickers inside to complete all the fun puzzles and sticker scenes in this great gift for Bing fans!

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 2 to 5
Release Date: 09 Jul 2020
Pages: 24
ISBN: 978-0-00-834789-5

”Customer reviews:'Great sticker book for toddlers!” -

”'As well as the stickers there are other activities included in the book, with some fun puzzles etc. The pages are nice and thick, it’s a good quality book. It kept my daughter occupied for quite a long time today, she really enjoyed playing with the stickers.” -

”'Huge hit with my 2 year old. This is a decent sticker book with plenty of pages and stickers. It took her around 1 hour and she completed the whole thing in one go as she was really enjoying it - so would work well to keep a young child occupied on a plane or that kind of thing, as well as just at home.” -

”' This book is a great mix of fun, education and manual dexterity training. Bing is already popular with our 3 year old granddaughter and her friends because of the TV programme. In our case, sticker books are top of the list, so a good combination here!” -

”'Fab book. Bought this for our son’s 2nd birthday and it was probably the best thing we bought! He absolutely loves it!” -

”'Great book for a huge Bing fan! My daughter loves reading this.” -

”'Beautiful book with lovely bright pictures. My little boy will love this!” -

”'Lovely book. Big hit with my son!” -

”'Super book. Large writing and very colourful. Ideal for reading to child or being read by young child. Good quality too.” -

”'Round the corner not far away, my son loves us to read this every day.” -

”'Fab! Very popular with a Bing-mad toddler.” -

”'Great fun book for a young Bing Bunny fan; will keep little fingers and brains busy.” -

”'Our little boy absolutely loves Bing so this little book comes out every day!” -

”'Perfect book for my 2 yr old toddler. Great for story time and building his word skills.” -