Bing - Brush with Bing! (Bing)

By HarperCollins Children’s Books

Join Bing as he learns about toothbrushing in this gorgeous shaped board book based on the award winning preschool series! It is perfect for encouraging children to brush their teeth with confidence!

It’s time for Bing to brush his teeth! Why don’t you grab your toothbrush and join him?

This book helps children learn about brushing their teeth – how to do it, when to do it and why we do it – with Bing as their role model.

There’s even a QR code inside that allows you to watch a Bing toothbrushing song online so children know exactly how long they should be brushing for!

Format: Board Book
Ageband: 2 to 6
Release Date: 04 Jul 2024
Pages: 10
ISBN: 978-80-252-5738-8