By Kate Maryon

A stunning new cover look for the second novel from Kate Maryon – the sensational new voice of tween girl fiction.
Liberty’s family is super-rich but when her dad loses his job, she has to learn that not all that glitters is gold…

Liberty Parfitt is sure there’s more to life than getting good exam results and earning lots of money. Unfortunately her super-rich, workaholic dad doesn’t agree – he thinks Liberty’s passion for music is a total waste of time. But when Dad loses his job and falls into a deep depression, Liberty’s talent may be the one thing that can save him.

The second stunning novel from the sparkling author of SHINE.

Format: Paperback (A Format)
Ageband: from 10
Release Date: 06 Jan 2015
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780007433186

Kate Maryon is a homeopath and complimentary therapist who has worked with many young people. She lives in Somerset with her partner and her large Newfoundland dog, Ellie.

Kate loves chocolate, British films, eating out, reading, writing and lying on sunny beaches. She dislikes snakes, spiders, peppermint and honey.

Praise for ‘Invisible Girl’:
“Kate Maryon’s characters stay with you long after the book is finished.” Jenny Valentine

Praise for ‘Glitter’:
“Heart-warming and a cut above the rest.” The Daily Express

“OH MY GOSH! I have just finished Glitter. IT'S THE BEST BOOK EVER, and (honestly) I haven't had my head out the book for at least 4 or 5 hours tonight as I was tempted to get to the end. I really like the way (both of your books really) have realistic problems that I could be in right now, makes me really feel for the character.” Vistie, aged 8

“[Glitter] is now my favourite book that's not teenage fiction (I read a lot of teenage books and rarely like 8-12 books!!) but I think this is a great book for everyone's age!!!” Amazon review

“The best thing about this book is that just when you're not expecting it something will happen. I thought this book was very real and understanding and I really recommend it.” Ella, aged 9

Praise for Shine:
“[Kate Maryon] understands a child's deepest feelings, including the negative ones, and she allows Tiff to run through the gamut of them as she slowly works her way through feelings of abandonment, loneliness, fear and anger, until eventually happiness and love can resurface. Readers will recognise all her thoughts. It's an uplifting story which begins with a huge disaster and ends with a new start for everyone. It will reassure and comfort its readers and it exactly inhabits their emotional landscape… I think tween girls are going to love it.” [Four stars]