Good Girls

By Laura Ruby

A Forever for the 21st Century.

Audrey is a good girl: a good student, daughter and friend. She’s also the last person anyone expects to be with Luke DeSalvio, the biggest player at school. On the night she dumps him, someone takes her picture doing something good girls just don’t do…

The next Monday, messages begin popping up on people’s phones and email inboxes. Soon everyone knows, including her teachers, her mum and her dad… Now she must discover strength she never knew he had, find friends where she didn’t think she would, and learn that life goes on – no matter how different it is to how you think it’s going to be.

Author: Laura Ruby
Format: ebook
Ageband: from 14
Release Date: 15 Oct 2009
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-734992-0
Originally from the East Coast, Laura Ruby now lives in Chicago with her husband, two stepdaughters and two cats. As well as being the author of LILY\'S GHOSTS, a novel for readers of all ages, her short fiction for adults has appeared in numerous literary magazines, a collection of which is to be published by Warner Books.

'Laura Ruby's Good Girls admirably captures the self-inflicted traumas of the teen years… witty, frank about sex, at pains not to indulge in stereotypes, Good Girls will undoubtedly appeal to UK readers.' FT Magazine -

'You're bound to get goosebumps reading [this]… This book is a must-read and comes complete with a fabulous twist right at the end.* * * * *' Bliss -

'This book truly lives up to its tagline as 'A Forever for the 21st century' [and] heralds a new return to girl power.' Write Away -

'From the moment I picked up this book, I was hooked in a way I haven't been for some time… This book had me laughing and, towards the end, crying a little. It is beautifully written. Schools could do a lot worse than stocking this title in their libraries. Good Girls isn't good… it's great.' The Book Bag -