How to Stop the End of the World

By Tom Mitchell

Colin Coleridge is facing a long, boring summer holiday with NOTHING to do. But when he notices some weird markings outside his house, and some strangers acting VERY suspiciously in his neighbour’s garden, he decides to investigate.

And before too long, Colin and his new friend Lucy have found themselves caught up in a mission involving an ancient sword, a mysterious curse, and a plan to SAVE THE WORLD…

Hilarious, fast-paced, and action-packed, How to Stop the End of the World is an apocalyptically funny adventure for readers aged 9+, from the highly-acclaimed author of Escape from Camp Boring and When Things Went Wild.

Format: Digital download
Ageband: from 9
Release Date: 14 Mar 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-859725-2
Tom Mitchell is mostly a dad, partly a teacher and sometimes a writer. He grew up in the West Country and settled in London after a brief interlude in the East Midlands. He lives in Kent with his wife, Nicky, and sons, Dylan and Jacob. In 2015 Tom’s Twitter account was one of twenty-five worldwide invited to have its tweets showcased in the Twitter Fiction Festival. He has had comedy sketches performed for BBC Radio 4, both nonfiction and fiction pieces published on The Classical and Londonist websites, and was a semi-finalist in the UK’s Channel 4-organised search for new writing, The Play\'s the Thing. HOW TO ROB A BANK was his first novel.

Praise for When Things Went Wild: -

‘Mitchell is well aware of what will make kids laugh. An observant and captivatingly funny story’Sunday Times Children’s Book of the Week -