Oscar’s Lion

By Adam Baron, Illustrated by Benji Davies

A magical coming-of-age story about a boy spending his first weekend without his parents . . . and the lion who comes to babysit him. Get ready to fall in love with this instant classic.

‘Beautiful, adventurous, powerful’ Phil Earle

Oscar is a little terrified to find that a lion is going to be looking after him for the weekend. But when the lion lets him eat as many biscuits as he wants, and reads him his favourite story ten times, Oscar realises he might be on to something good.

Soon, Oscar discovers that the lion can change into different animals and the pair find themselves having all kinds of adventures! But before the lion has to go, might he have one more amazing transformation up his sleeve?

Oscar’s Lion is an astonishing and deeply personal book from one of our greatest storytellers.

Author: Adam Baron
Format: Hardback
Ageband: from 7
Release Date: 26 Oct 2023
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0-00-859675-0
Adam Baron is the author of a number of acclaimed novels and has, in his time, been an actor, comedian, journalist and press officer at Channel 4 television (as well as things he’s too embarrassed to mention). He now runs the widely respected MA in Creative Writing at Kingston University London. Adam lives in Greenwich, South London, with his wife and three children.

”'Beautiful, adventurous, powerful” - Phil Earle

”'Gorgeous. The storytelling is beautifully direct, infused with tenderness and wit. One to cherish” - Abi Elphinstone

”'A lyrical, magical realist adventure about wish fulfilment, love and loss . . . Ends like a warm hug” - Observer

”'Oscar's Lion is beautifully written, both tender and funny and sure to be beloved for many years to come” - Hannah Gold

‘a charming, tender, unusual story’Guardian, Best Children's Books of the Year -

”'A sensitive, imaginative and funny look at grief, love, fear and families, with pitch-perfect black and white illustrations” - Daily Mail, Best Children's Books of the Year

”'A huge, roaring success. I loved it!” - Ross Welford

”'Exquisite. With the charm of Paddington Bear and the poignancy of Tom’s Midnight Garden, this is a truly special book . . . A timeless classic that will have far-reaching appeal” - The Bookseller, Book of the Month