Awesome Animals - Panda Panic - Running Wild (Awesome Animals)

By Jamie Rix, Illustrated by Sam Hearn

The second hilarious Panda Panic story in the fantastic AWESOME ANIMALS series – awesome adventures with the wildest wildlife, from award-winning authors.

Ping the panda lives with his mum and twin sister on the Wolong nature reserve in China. Although his name means ‘peaceful‘ he’s anything but! Ping craves adventure and excitement but unfortunately he is a panda… and pandas do pretty much nothing except eat bamboo.

But when Ping gets swept off down the river, he at last finds the adventure he’s been waiting for. Will Ping and his new friend Little Bear enjoy their freedom, or will the shadows, and the bandits, and the lurking snow leopards have them running for home-sweet-home?

Author: Jamie Rix
Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 7
Release Date: 30 Aug 2012
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0-00-746770-9
Jamie Rix is a children’s author, an animation writer and director, and a producer of television comedy. Jamie has published over forty titles, ranging from picture books and first readers to novels and books of short stories. He is married and has two grown up children. Jamie and his wife live in South London with a boxer dog and two foxes under their garden shed.

”Praise for the Awesome Animals series:'Charming. Funny and exciting.” - The Daily Telegraph

”'Very funny, action-packed animal adventure.” - The Bookseller

”'This book is witty and wonderful.” - The Liverpool Echo