Secret Meeting

By Jean Ure

One of the brilliant titles in Jean Ure’s acclaimed series of humorous, delightful and poignant stories written in the form of diaries and letters which make them immediately accessible to children.

Megan and Annie are bright twelve-year-old girls, who are desperate to meet their favourite author, Harriet Chance. When Annie makes contact with Harriet ‘s daughter via an Internet chat room, the girls are ecstatic. Lori helps them to arrange a secret meeting with Harriet, and the girls congratulate themselves on being so clever. But when they meet the author she’s a bit strange. Why does Megan seem to know more about the author than she does herself? Why does Harriet seem so edgy? Is this really their favourite author, or are the girls in real trouble…?

Jean Ure’s diary series includes: Passion Flower, Pumpkin Pie, Shrinking Violet, Skinny Melon and Me, The Secret Life of Sally Tomato, Becky Bananas, This is Your Life! and Fruit and Nutcase

Author: Jean Ure
Format: ebook
Ageband: 9 to 11
Release Date: 18 Jul 2013
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-740250-2
Jean Ure was born in Surrey and wrote her first novel when she was six years old. She spent her teenage years writing and had her first book published when she was sixteen.Jean lives in a three-hundred-year-old house in the centre of Croydon with her husband and their family of rescued dogs and cats.

”Passion Flower'A funny and realistic read - we loved it.” - Mizz

Pumpkin Pie‘Pumpkin Pie has the heroine I've been waiting for.' Times -

Shrinking Violet…the story is timeless, the descriptions of the girls and their relationship spot on and it does a great job of selling the empowering nature of language and story.Books for Keeps -

Excellent for any nine-up and will almost certainly lead to an addiction to Ure.Observer -

Becky Bananas‘The writing transcends any trace of heaviness.’Guardian -

Fruit and Nutcase‘Jean Ure never puts a foot wrong.’Daily Telegraph -

The Secret Life of Sally Tomato‘Rhymes, sauciness, letters, irony, comedy, comic characters… a proper little turn-on for boys. A must-buy book.’Books for Keeps -