Spider McDrew: New edition

By Alan Durant, Illustrated by Philip Hopman

Spider McDrew is the lovable boy who can’t help being one step behind everyone else in his class. Three gently and funny school stories in one book. A Roaring Good Read for confident readers.

Spider McDrew is a hopeless case – or so everyone says – but somehow he always manages to surprise everyone. Spider is slow and a dreamer, the sort of child who is always one step behind the rest of the class, but this doesn’t mean he’s stupid – far from it. Three gently humorous stories about this loveable character – his adventures at school. There’s a football story – quite by accident Spider scores the winning goal; a pet story – Spider brings a cow into the playground for his school pets’ project! And a school play story where Spider stars, by default. Bursting with character and originality, the author offers acutely perceptive snapshots of contemporary school life.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 7 to 9
Release Date: 05 Aug 2002
Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-0-00-714160-9
Detailed Edition: New edition
Alan Durant is the author of several picture books including Snake Supper for Collins and several fiction series for Hodder. As well as being an author of children’s fiction, he also works as a copywriter for Walker Books. His is a tireless schools visitor, and runs successful writers’ workshops for children at all the major festivals.