Supercat - Supercat vs The Party Pooper (Supercat, Book 2)

By Jeanne Willis

Supercat is back in the second instalment of everybody’s favourite cat superhero series, from bestselling author and queen of comedy, Jeanne Willis.

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Tiger was an ordinary pet, until the day he licked a toxic sock and was transformed into…SUPERCAT!

Now, the evil Count Backwards has kidnapped the Queen from her own birthday party and plans to take over the world! With his superpowers, his best friend James, and a few tricks in his party bag, can Supercat save the day?

It’s party time…

Format: ebook
Ageband: from 7
Release Date: 03 Jul 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-758340-9
Jeanne Willis has won numerous awards, including the Children\'s Book Award, the Silver Smarties Prize. Jeanne is a great animal lover and thinks all cats are super, if not super-powered.Jim Field won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award.

5 STARS… a mindblowing adventure … really exciting. In fact I was unable to put it down!Nicole age 8, Love Reading -

I loved this book … it was funny.Rebekah Choi, age 11, Love Reading -

An amazing story.Ophelia Robinson-Beesley, age 7, Love Reading -

10/10 because it’s funny!Daniel Bisland, age 6, Love Reading -