The Book of Lies

By James Moloney

A spectacular fantasy adventure, where three children, led by Marcel, battle against the Book of Lies to find their true identities.

What is the Book of Lies? It is a collection of all the lies ever told… If you open the Book and tell a lie the Book has not heard, it will add it to its collection. If you tell the Book a lie it has heard before, it will speak the lie out loud. If the Book speaks a lie over and over, it will convince you it is the truth, so a lie and the truth become one…

In the dead of night, an unconscious boy is brought to an orphanage. All traces of anything that could identify the boy are removed, including the gold ring he wears, engraved with the name Marcel. A book is placed in front of the boy and opened. But this is no ordinary book – it is the Book of Lies. A powerful magic user, Lord Alwyn, uses the lies the Book contains to erase Marcel’s former life, and give him a new identity.

But there is someone else in the room, someone who fills Marcel’s ears with wax to prevent him absorbing the lies flowing from the Book. For Marcel is not the only orphan who has had his identity changed by the Book of Lies, and he is soon thrown into an adventure that will see him encounter wolves, a flying horse, elves, a usurper king and his army and enchanted prisons. But the final battle will be with the Book of Lies itself, as only it can provide Marcel with his true identity.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 9
Release Date: 09 Sep 2011
Pages: 400
ISBN: 978-0-00-714079-4
James was born in Sydney, Australia in 1954.He has been a champion Long Jumper, teacher and teacher librarian, but didn’t start writing until he found himself in an outback town called Cunnamulla. After winning the Australian Children’s Book of the Year Award twice (1996, 1997) James decided to write full time. This is his first fantasy novel for HarperCollins.