The Chrestomanci Series - The Chrestomanci series: 3 Book Collection (The Charmed Life, The Pinhoe Egg, Mixed Magics) (The Chrestomanci Series)

By Diana Wynne Jones

THREE magical titles from the award-winning Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones, brought together for the first time in this exclusive eBook collection.

Charmed Life and The Pinhoe Egg are two books from the much-loved Chrestomanci series that follow Cat Chant as he develops from a young boy with no talent for magic into a confident enchanter with many friends around the castle. Mixed Magics is a collection of four short stories from the series also set in the wonderful world of Chrestomanci.

Winner of numerous accolades including the Guardian Award, these stories have been loved by generations of children’s and adults alike.

Diana Wynne Jones was hailed by Neil Gaiman as ‘the best writer of magic there is.’

Format: ebook
Ageband: from 9
Release Date: 27 Feb 2014
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-756260-2
Diana Wynne Jones (1934–2011) spent her childhood in Essex and began writing fantasy novels for children in the 1970s. With her unique combination of magic, humour and imagination, she enthralled generations of children and adults with her work. She won the Guardian Award in 1977 with Charmed Life, was runner-up for the Children\'s Book Award in 1981 and was twice runner-up for the Carnegie Medal.

”'…Her hallmarks include laugh-aloud humour, plenty of magic and imaginative array of alternate worlds. Yet, at the same time, a great seriousness is present in all of her novels, a sense of urgency that links Jones’s most outrageous plots to her readers” - hopes and fears…'Publishers Weekly

”'Truly magical - guaranteed to leave you gasping - even hotter than Potter” - The Bookseller

”'Diana Wynne Jones could teach Stephen King and JK Rowling a thing or two … [she] has a skill for inserting just the right amount of detail in her written words, leaving you satiated but not stuffed.” - SFX