Tweenage Tearaway - Trixie Tempest and the Amazing Talking Dog (Tweenage Tearaway, Book 1)

By Ros Asquith

Trixie is a feisty, free-thinking ten and three quarters year old who knows all there is to know about being a tweenager! From the creator of the Letty Chubb the Teenage Worrier, a hugely successful series whose sales top half a million.

Trixie Tempest is ten and three-quarters and goes to St Aubergine’s Primary School where she’s in Year 6. She’s a tiny, mouthy, mischeivous, free thinker who never seems to hear the word ‘NO’! In other words, a typical tweenager. She’s passionate about horses, vegetarianism, football and music. She also wants to build a better world. Her best friends Dina Dare-DeVille and Chloe Caution are always keen to offer advice, as befitting their names. Trixie herself is determined to put the Adult World straight on a number of key points including school being the worst place for Tweenagers to spend their most creative years in. In Short, Trixie is feisty, funny and definitely one for all Tweenagers of between 9 and 11.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 8 to 11
Release Date: 09 Sep 2011
Pages: 144
ISBN: 978-0-00-714421-1
Ros Asquith is a political cartoonist, famous to all Guardian readers for her Doris strip cartoon which ran for more than ten years. She has written and illustration the hugely successful Letty Chubb series of teenage fiction, published by Piccadilly Press and Scholastic and younger material for Orchard and Collins Picture Books. She lives in North London with her husband – a jazz critic – and two sons.

”'With groovy illustrations and diagrams, this book is a laugh a minute. We love Trixie the tweenager to death!” - Blush!