Tweenage Tearaway - Trixie Tempest and the Witches’ Academy (Tweenage Tearaway, Book 4)

By Ros Asquith

The fourth book about Trixie Tempest, the tweenage tearaway with a heart of gold and a brain full of fireworks. in which Trixie develops her witchy side by going away to a school for witches [not Hogwarts, much to her disgust!]

Following her Very Extremely successful two novels: Trixie Tempest and the Amazing Talking Dog and Trixie Tempest and the Ghost of St Aubergine’s: and her even more Very Extremely successful Trixie Tempest’s ABZ of Life, this is a fourth book , third novel! This time, Trixie explores the witchy side of her family as she goes off for a half-term course in witchcraft at Conundrums Academy. Disappointed that it is not Hogwarts, Trixie makes the best of it and magics up an ancient spell, learned from Grandma Tempest. The spell is to find out the truth behind the missing silver cup that Dad won yonks ago when he was at the same school. As always, Trixie is aided and abetted by BFs Chloe Caution and Dinah Dare deVille and her beloved puppy Bonzo… an excellent witch’s familiar!

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 8 to 11
Release Date: 09 Sep 2011
Pages: 176
ISBN: 978-0-00-714424-2
Ros Asquith is well-known to Guardian readers for her strip cartoon Doris, which ran for over ten years. She is also the succesful author of children’s books, notably the Letty Chubb Teenage Worrier series for teenagers published by Piccadilly and Puffin. She lives in North London with her husband – a jazz critic – and two teenage sons.