Tweenage Tearaway - Trixie Tempest’s ABZ of Life (Tweenage Tearaway, Book 3)

By Ros Asquith

Trixie Tempest ‘s guide to living life to the full… as a tweenager. In A to Z format, this is something that’s so hot, tweens won’t be able to keep their hands on it!

Trixie Tempest is a tiny, mouthy, mischievous, free-thinking tweenager who wants to Save the World. She’s passionate about horses, vegetarianism, football and music and wants to put the world straight on a number of points. Readers will already know this tweenage tearaway through her two novels: Trixie Tempest and the Amazing Talking Dog and Trixie Tempest and the Ghost of St Aubergine. Trixie’s ABZ of Life is Trixie’s very own advice guide for worried tweenagers. Answering all those difficult questions that tweenagers want to know the answers to. Like, how to cope with getting up to go to the loo when you’re at a Sleepover. How not to be afraid of the dark. How to deal with embarrassing parents etc. In handy A to Z format, tweenagers just have to think of the first letter of their problem and look up for Trixie’s marvellous advice!

A for adults – they mean well and are useful for buying houses and providing pocket money

C for Creativity
That school is the worst place for a tweenager to spend the most creative part of her life

E for Ears
The space between a tweenagers’ ears is not entirely occuped with thoughts of crop tops, disco parties, toenail colourings and boy bands

Sure to be as much of a success with the tweenage population, as Ros Asquith’s Letty Chubb books are for teenagers.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 8 to 11
Release Date: 09 Sep 2011
Pages: 192
ISBN: 978-0-00-714423-5
Ros Asquith is well-known to Guardian readers for her strip cartoon Doris, which ran for over ten years. She is also the succesful author of children’s books, notably the Letty Chubb series for teenagers published by Piccadilly and Puffin. She lives in North London with her partner – a jazz critic – and two teenage sons.