Troll Blood

By Katherine Langrish

The dramatic and gripping conclusion to Katherine Langrish’s highly-acclaimed TROLL trilogy.

When seafaring traders, Gunnar, and his sword-wielding son, Harald Silkenhair, land in Trollsvik, looking for crew to join their journey to Vinland (North America), Hilde is desperate to join the ship. She begs her parents to let her go as Gunnar’s wife Astrid’s companion, and when Peer agrees to go and look after her, her parents reluctantly agree.

But Gunnar and Harald are dangerous men. Harald has killed a man, and Gunnar has been cursed and is losing his wits in fear that the dead man’s ghost is following him. Harald has an uncontrollable, raging temper, and a perilous rivalry develops between he and Peer.

By the time they finally reach the shores of Vinland, the settlement is looking less of an attractive proposition. And that’s before they meet the “Skraelings” (the Native American people) and the terrifying Jenu – the cannibal giant with a heart of ice…

Action-packed, suspense-fuelled and with a wonderful cast of characters, Troll Blood is a truly rip-roaring read.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: from 10
Release Date: 11 Feb 2011
Pages: 416
ISBN: 978-0-00-721488-4
Katherine Langrish grew up in Yorkshire, studied English at university and has always enjoyed writing and telling stories. Married with two daughters, Katherine lived in France near the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau, where she ran a storytelling group for children. She has also lived in New York State, near the Finger Lakes, said by Native American legends to be the hand-print of the Great Spirit. Katherine currently lives in Oxfordshire and is enjoying her life as a full-time author.

Praise for Troll Blood: -

”'The gripping climax mixes humour, adventure and imagination.” - Amanda Craig, The Times

'An exciting and rewarding story, enriched by Langrish's wonderfully effective evocation of contemporary folklore… This is a lovely book. Read it. Read all three!' School Librarian -

'I love these books. Katherine Langrish is often compared to Alan Garner. She uses the same blend of history, mythology, fantasy and magic to spin a thumpingly good tale that is both realistic and dream-like… The historical details are awesomely researched.' The Book Bag -

Praise for Troll Mill: -

”'Despite the high drama of Troll Mill, it is moments of comedy… which will make children rock with delight and long for the further adventures of Peer.” - Amanda Craig, The Times

Praise for Troll Fell: -

In Troll Fell Katherine Langrish has unearthed a captivating world. Bleak and captivating. Her style is quirky and hypnotic and her characters are instantly recognizable as someone you know, or someone you wish you didn't. Eoin Colfer -

”'Troll Fell is a joy… a marvellous, magical adventure…” - Amanda Craig, The Times

'The style is enthralling, and the adventure persuasive and gripping. A juicy read for children.' Independent on Sunday -

'From the opening page… Langrish's power to locate her story in the reader's imagination is reminiscent of Alan Garner.' Sunday Telegraph -

'Atmospheric, with lowering weather, storms and blizzards, luridly imaginative… with nice touches of humour…' Children's Bookseller -

'Troll Fell, exciting, funny, vividly written and tightly plotted, is steeped in the essence of Scandinavian folklore…' Carousel -