The Saint of Dragons: Large type edition

By Jason Hightman

It’s not every day you wake up and find you’re a dragonhunter but in this exciting debut novel that’s exactly what happens to Simon St. George…

Simon St. George meets his long lost father after supposing him dead, only to be informed that he is a descendant of St George the Dragon Slayer and it is his duty to inherit this role himself. For there are dragons in today’s society and the world should be rid of their evil once and for all! Trouble is, they are disguised as humans in positions of power….

Exciting fantasy adventure with generous lashings of snarky humour.

Format: Paperback
Ageband: 10 to 14
Release Date: 03 Apr 2006
Pages: 440
ISBN: 978-0-00-723542-1
Detailed Edition: Large type edition
Jason Hightman was born and lives in California where he works as a writer and film maker. He is married with a daughter. The Saint of Dragons is his first novel.